Pixel Pipe Dreams
A Pocket Puzzle

A Pocket Puzzle is a challenging puzzle game that is simple to play but difficult to master, easy to pick up but hard to put down.

This game consists of  9 amazing, high quality images ready to play with six levels of difficulty which makes for hours of entertainment.

It's customizable in that you can create your own puzzle using any image from your iPod touch or iPhone photo library.

Use your finger to tap the tiles, moving them around the board, and unscrambling the image in the least amount of moves. 

There is a counter that tallies the moves it takes for you to
solve the puzzle.

There is also a "Peek" button to help a little with the more difficult puzzles and levels.


-9 Unique Puzzle Images
-Custom Puzzles: Create Your Own from Your Photo Library
-6 Levels of Difficulty To keep you Entertained
-A Move Counter
-A Peek Button for Puzzle Solving Hints
-Amazing Images and Graphics
-Easy to Use Touch Screen Interface
-Sound Effects

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