Pixel Pipe Dreams
iCards Christmas

Have you ever browsed through one of those upscale card
or stationary boutiques,  selling $5 - $6 greeting cards with
fancy ribbons, jewels...the perfect sentiment.

Well bid adieu to those traditional methods. 
Now you can have your own collection of impressive boutique
 type cards to send from your iPhone or iPod touch.
Time consuming trips to the Post Office as well as countless card
 stores for that special card, are a thing of the past.
We offer a variety of presentations. You can pick from an assortment of 24 high quality, beautifully embellished cards ready for you to send.

Each card features a sentimental, thought provoking or cheeky
 humor type message...
(including some hilarious and some slightly kinky).

Easy to do on the fly...
Pick your card,  add your personal message or sentiment
and send...that's it.

Let the people you care about know they are thought of
and appreciated at the holidays and always....

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