Pixel Pipe Dreams
Mother's Day Surprise

"To the world you might just be one person.
But to one person you might just be the world"
author unknown

Mother's Day...
A time for warm thoughts and fond memories,
expressing the feelings and words that often go
unspoken, for letting
those special people in our lives
know that they are loved and appreciated...always.

What a fun surprise to present to your Mom on Mothers Day.

A Box full of Beautiful assorted Chocolates...

But wait, there is much more...

Touch each of the individual candies and watch them grow...
Touch, the now, gigantic Chocolate Truffle and watch it erupt, with multiple images, filling your screen with a wonderful surprise. 

The Chocolates offer a variety of different Mother's Day Gifts that are sure to please.  Something different in each one.

Sign your name,  add a personal note or sentiment to make
 this Mothers Day Surprise complete.

Virtual Gifts included.  Actual Gifts not included.


- 3D Graphics and Animation

- Fully Interactive

- Create your own Personal Message

- Use your iPhone to take pictures of your favorite
 "gifts" and sentiments to email to family and friends.

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