Pixel Pipe Dreams
Soup & Salad!

From the developers of the mega hit " Ice Cream!" and the best iPhone and iPod touch games, we bring you, Soup & Salad!

Have a delicious and always fresh Bowl of Soup & Salad on your iPhone or iPod touch wherever you go. Satisfy your appetite with a healthy and bountiful menu filled with the freshest soup and salad ingredients. Select from an array of crisp-and-tender, carefully-selected Salad Greens, to a rainbow of snap-fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese and more. Create a delectably different soup & salad, just the way you like it — from lean to hearty — anytime.

Salad: Select your plate. Pick and choose from 41 salad ingredients and 7 salad dressings. Toss your salad with the swipe of a finger. The most realistic tossing of salad you'll find in the app store.  Need more ingredients or toppings?  Go ahead and add them, and then toss it some more. You get unlimited tossing ability in any order.    And eating your salad is just as realistic.

Soup: After choosing your favorite bowl, select from 13 different soups. There are 31 soup toppings. Go ahead and pile them on. You can add as many or as much as you'd like.

- Select from 16 salad plates and soup bowls.
- 11 tablecloths.

The Soup section also has an interactive Aquarium that your kids or the kid in you will find delightful.

Want to play with your food?  Soup & Salad provides an unlimited "UNDO" feature.

And as always, smooth animation, great graphics and high quality...just the thing you’ve come to expect from our apps.

- Save your creations to your photo library.
- Email them to your friends.